Anima Consultations Tarot + Oracle

Anima Consultations Tarot + Oracle

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Anima sessions with Jessica are consulted for general guidance on life situations or specific questions you may have about any change, relationships or goals you wish to manifest in your life whether it be a career change, closure in a relationship or initiating your path on your spiritual journey.

What is Anima?

-anima- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning "spirit, soul," our sessions will get to the soul of the matter of any situation for which you are seeking clarity and direction.

Anima sessions are not about predicting the future, but rather bringing awareness to the energies surrounding you and your current situation in the here and now to manifest the life you are destined for. Readings with the Tarot unearth to the surface known and unknown forces at work and gives advice on the best steps to resolution.

Please review description below for our Anima Consultation

  • 1 on 1 Phone session with 3 card spread + bonus Oracle Card
  • Intuitive Counseling and Discussion 
  • Ritual Discussion and Recommendation (If applicable)
  • Photo of Cards pulled sent via Text or Email

*Please provide your phone number you would like to be reached at for your reading.

∴ How it Works ∴

∴ I will call you by phone at the phone number provided.

∴ Cards pulled for your reading will be sent via Text or Email provided. 

Please Take Note of Time Zones Before Booking Your Appointment.

All Times indicated are Eastern Standard Time (New York).

Anima Consultation Terms and Policy

Sessions may be canceled with a 100% refund with written notice emailed to with 24 hours advance notice.

Sessions canceled without 24 hours' notice will be applied a 50% cancellation fee of session total cost.

Please note that time may not be extended or rescheduled due to lateness or missed appointment.

If you have any questions, please email me at

About Iya Jessica

Jessica is an Espiritista and Orisha Priestess of Shango x Oshun in the Yoruba tradition. Jessica’s life’s work is centered within the study of many ancestral teachings from African Cosmology, Egyptian and Greek Mythology, Medicinal Herbology, Traditional Chinese Medicine and most recently, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner.

Jessica is also versed in Metaphysical and Esoteric teachings and Occult knowledge of the Tarot, Clair sense development, Crystal Magic and the many teachings of ancient cultures from around the world.

Jessica has been a blogger since 2010 documenting many of her research topics on the blog and is the owner of Despojos Botanica and Apothecary. 

Hell Notes for Beauty is the premiere Metaphysical destination for the strong willed and determined soul. She is dedicated to the knowledge seeking practitioner on the path to spiritual independence, recognition of self and Ancestral knowledge.