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As a kid I would have some very vivid and eventful dreams. There are still dreams from my childhood that I remember to this day. Even now as an adult I remember my dreams, not as often as I used to as a care free kid, but nonetheless I have my share of dream stories to tell. Sleep is often overlooked as a form of self care and dare I say, spiritual as well. Through your dreams you're able to not only rest your mind and body but, you're also able to put to rest your conscious mind and activate your subconscious mind. 

 The myth is the public dream and the dream is the private myth. -Joseph Campbell


The famous brain pickers and Freudian psychoanalysts speak of our dreams as aspects of our conscious mind trying to resolve itself via the subconscious (dreams). Through your subconscious mind you can work through the emotions that you may be repressing, neglecting or forgetting. So its safe to say we aren't really resting after all if we're also working through emotions by our subconscious mind, Oh, to be human, sigh... 


Throughout history, cultures and many biblical stories, dreams are vessels to different realms, perspectives and messages. 


Dreams aren't' only to work out our everyday mundane mortal habits, but also to tap into our greatness by way of messages, visions and inspirations as well. On the same analytical aspect that we perceive that our dreams can help us solves many of our mundane and spiritual misalignments, our dreams can also help us reveal our greatest potential.

"In ancient Egypt, as far back as 2000 BC, the Egyptians wrote down their dreams on papyrus. People with vivid and significant dreams were thought to be blessed and were considered special. Ancient Egyptians believed that dreams were like oracles, bringing messages from the gods. They thought that the best way to receive divine revelation was through dreaming and thus they would induce (or "incubate") dreams. Egyptians would go to sanctuaries and sleep on special "dream beds" in hope of receiving advice, comfort, or healing from the gods."
-1991. languages of dreaming : Anthropological approaches to the study of dreaming In other cultures. In Gackenbach J, Sheikh A, eds, Dream images: A call to mental arms. Amityville, N.Y.: Baywood.

Some of the most iconic inventions were discovered, created or manifested by way of dreams.  Many biblical stories speak of messages, predictions by way of dreams and there are many studies, theories in the field of dreams.

So why is it ideal to have a connection with our dreams? Simple, its a intimate and unique way we can observe how certain symbols show up in our lives. 

In order to remember your dreams and make use of the messages you receive in your dreams, you have to prioritize SLEEP & REST. So funny, because as I type this it is way past midnight and I'm enjoying my night owl moment, oh the irony. 

In either case, I have noticed how much I'm able to not only dream, but also remember my dreams enough to write them down once I get enough consistent sleep and rest. If I'm very stressed, tired and exhausted I can go weeks without remembering my dreams. This is important for me to take notice of because I typically rely on my dreams for messages and creative inspirations. 

So how can one create a space for astral travel and dream recall?

Keep a cup of fresh water by your bedside or under your bed to bring clarity, tranquility, & peace. This is especially useful for those who have difficulty falling asleep or sleeping throughout the night, can't remember their dreams, experiences nightmares or simply want to promote clarity and balance.

Here are some ingredients I like to incorporate into my water.

  • Fresh Water: Yes, simple fresh water is enough even if its tap water. By speaking life into your water you can shift the vibration and energy regardless of its source. 
  • Bay Rum: Bay Rum is used for purifying your thoughts of low thought forms. Its astringent properties and clearing scent promotes clarity and cleanliness.
  • Rose Water: Soothing and relaxing vibrations, also useful to clear the mind when dealing with depressive emotions and promote self love.
  • Orange Blossom: Prosperity, luck and fortune and promotes flow and movement to stagnant thoughts.
  • Florida Water: Clarity, cleansing purification and grounding.
  • Indigo Water: Absorbs negative energy, negative thoughts. An all around energy absorber for any space.
  • Camphor Cubes: Its clarifying scent opens the senses and promotes clarity, cleaning and a sense to being grounded.
  • Salt Water: the most basic yet impactful ingredient to protect, cleanse, purify and balance.
  • Cascarilla: Dried Egg Shells; protection, purification and cleansing rituals. It is used to repel negative energy and the vibration of low energies and can be used in many different ways.
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