Camphor Blocks

Camphor Blocks

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(1) Block includes (4) individual Cubes.
Camphor is derived from the Camphor tree and as its scientific name Cinnamomum camphora indicates, it's a close relative of cinnamon. Camphor is a white crystalline substance and native throughout Asia and can be found throughout the world today. Camphor is very aromatic and has a rather distinct menthol scent.
Camphor throughout history has been used for both culinary and medicinal uses. In addition to its crystallized form, Camphor can be used in essential oil form too. Camphor is very purifying and clearing used to disinfect, purge and stimulate spiritual vibrations.

Absorb Energy in Spaces

Placed in a bowl or saucer, both Anil and Camphor can be placed in the corner of any room of your house and front door to absorb negative energy, purify and cleanse any space.  It helps eliminate and banish any negative energies that may have taken residence in your home.  This is especially if there’s a lot of traffic in your house, arguments, people with negative intentions or any type of energy that is not promoting peace and tranquility.  I like to keep a bowl in my home office for clear thinking, prevent distractions and promote creativity and a calm state of being.

Since camphor has a very clean and pure scent, the aroma also absorbs any stagnant odors that may linger in your space.  Very useful to do if you just moved into a home to neutralize and reset the ambiance in that new space of any energies that may have been left behind by prior occupants.

How to Use to Absorb Negative Energy:  In a bowl or cup add an Indigo ball and camphor (you can use camphor alone if you don’t have Indigo balls) and allow the Indigo ball to dissolve.  Place in the corner behind your front door or in any corners of your home.  Corners are important because that is where most low, negative and dark energies like to accumulate. You can change the water and repeat the process periodically every 2 weeks to 1x a month.