Webinar: The Trickster at the Crossroads

Webinar: The Trickster at the Crossroads

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Who is the "devil" at the crossroads?

In this webinar will be discussing the Trickster archetype in mythology, history and religion and how the trickster archetype plays out in our lives as stories of loss and redemption.

We will learn the attributes of a what a liminal deity represents and their connections to thresholds, gatekeepers, doorways, cycles and boundaries. Centering on Papa Legba/Eshu, we will look at the parallels of how the trickster plays out in our own life's mythology and how to harness the energy of uncertainty as we face the trickster at the crossroads of our lives.

Date: 4/21/22

Time: 7pm EST- 9PM EST

Webinar Conference Link information will be available upon Webinar Purchase to email address provided at checkout. 

Webinar will be be recorded and available after live session..