Webinar: Disembodied Spirits

Webinar: Disembodied Spirits

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Purchase includes

  • Recording Link to Live Webinar Download
  • Download PDF Copy of "The Gospel According to Spiritism" -Allan Kardec
  • Download PDF Copy of 9 Day Ancestor Elevation Ritual Guide

Date of Recording: Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Time: 7pm EST -9pm EST

Location: Zoom Conference (Available upon purchase)

Trials, tribulations and sufferings of spirits is not often talked about in the realm of spirituality.

What are those things that go "bump" in the night, skeletons in the closet or monsters under the bed?

Why do certain spirits haunt certain places and perturb certain people with sufferings and torment? Do family curses exist?

In this webinar we will discuss the types of Earth bound and disincarnate spirits that cause chaos in people's lives and how they eventually materialize and become "hardened" within behaviors and toxic patterns such as illness, violence, emotional and mental trauma. We will go in depth and identify the spiritual symptoms associated with these types of spirits that remain in the realm of darkness and evil.

We will also discuss remedies and cleansing rituals for protecting and banishing these types of entities from your mind, body and home (Soul).

We will be presenting two powerhouse figures in the spiritual community @agenossweetthings and Baba Ifakunle who will provide us with a wealth of information on the awareness of these types of forces in our lives.

Webinar is recorded.

*A portion of live ticket purchases and recording proceeds will be donated to Ageno's Farm Project. Ageno's Farm is a 20-acre, Black-owned farm located in Millen, Georgia.

The farm will be a sanctuary and safe haven for Black and Indigenous folx everywhere!

Learn more about the campaign here: Ageno's Farm Project   and continue to spread the word about this enriching and legacy led project.