Organic Jasmine Flower Buds

Organic Jasmine Flower Buds

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∴ Gender: Feminine

∴ Planet: Moon

∴ Element: Water

∴ Deity: Vishnu, Dream Genie, Aphrodite, Venus, Quan -Yin

Jasmine Flowers and buds are used to attract peace, harmony and abundance. Jasmine Tea as well as burning these buds as incense soothes the senses and invites calming and tranquil vibrations to any space and within. Use as an offering to the goddess or add to any ritual to invite Jasmine’s royal and balancing energy.

∴ How To Use ∴

∴ Place in mesh or sheer sachet bag and hang in the shower, to allow the steam to diffuse the aroma.

∴ A Sachet can be placed in closets, dresser drawers, suitcases, etc, for natural fragrance & freshness.

∴ Crush and Sprinkle on candle or add to any spell.

∴ Place in charcoal as incense

∴ Place under pillow to promote love and peace

• 2 oz per order •