Head Rogation Ceremony | Rogacion de Cabeza

Head Rogation Ceremony | Rogacion de Cabeza

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Ori strengthening ceremony will be held on Satrurday, April 13, 2024 11am-2pm EST in Harlem, NYC led by Chief Babalawo Ifakunle and Iya Jessica and assisted by the students of Ile Omo Ope, Harlem NYC.

Online Lecture will be via ZOOM Conference on Wednesday April 10, 2024 at 8pm EST; Link provided Upon Checkout.

Individual IN PERSON Head Rogation Ceremony are scheduled by appointment only. 

Exact Address Location will be provided upon attendee confirmation via email. 

The Ori in the Ifa-Orisha tradition encompasses a lot more than just a descriptive anatomy of a person's head. Ori is where the person's true essence, personality and soul's destiny resides. The "ori-inu" (the inner head) is the most sacred component of our human aspects. At birth, humans forget about heaven and their ordained destiny.

It is only through the ori that we remember the course of our chosen destiny and with the acknowledgement of our Ori are we able to {Ori}ent ourselves to fulfill our destiny.

This ceremony is called "koborí eledá" in the Ifa-Orisha Tradition and is a cleansing of the crown meridians of the head along other points on the body to uplift, illuminate and open your mind to your life's path.

The lecture will discuss the basic fundamentals of the Ori, the importance of feeding the crown, mental health issues, concerns when the Ori is out of alignment, wellness recommendations, advice and personal rituals on how to protect your crown for the remainder of the year.

Saturday, April 13, 2024 11am-2pm EST | Harlem, NYC

*All are welcome, and you do not have to be an initiate nor a priest(ess) to attend the lecture or ceremony.

All Attendees must dress in white/light colors.

If you choose to have a personal Ori Cleansing session:

  • Bring (2) brown Coconuts; (1) white headwrap.
  • Please plan accordingly to attend this lecture with time and ease, it is recommended you have no social plans after the ceremony as it is best to go home and rest for the remainder of the day.