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Florida Water | Agua Florida

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Murray & Lanman Florida Water 

7.5  Fluid OZ

Plastic Bottle

Florida water is a staple in Hoodoo, Voodoo, Espiritismo and Santeria  among other traditions and practices.
Upon man's eternal quest for the fountain of youth and the legends surrounding the magical and transformational powers came about the ever popular "Florida Water".
Florida Water has become very versatile and transcended into many spiritual traditions for its refreshing and grounding scent. 
Here a few of the many uses for Florida Water that you can incorporate in your rituals:
1. A quick and simple fix to clear and purify your aura. If you're feeling down, need to focus or need some energy, adding a little florida water behind your neck and on shoulders can help "wake" you up and feel more energized thanks to its invigorating yet soothing scent. 
2. Add it to your bucket of water with a little salt as a purifying and cleansing floor wash for your home or any space. 
3. I add a small cap full to my D.I.Y Body spritzers to tie in all essential oils and aromas.
4. Used as a substitute for Holy water to banish, repel and eliminate negative energy.
5. Mix with Rosemary, Ruda and Lavender Water to cleanse, purify and bring harmony into any space.
6. Add to cleansing spiritual baths to attract peace, clarity of mind and prosperity.
7. Use to cleanse your altar space and tools & as a general refresher before beginning ritual.