Babalu Aye Healing Ceremony

Babalu Aye Healing Ceremony

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This year we are bringing Babalú Aye to the community for healing and cleansings.

Join us on Babalú Aye's feast Day December 17, 2022 from 4pm-8pm EST @SanoAcupuncture Bronx, NYC for a day of celebration, honor and connection with this powerful Orisha. 

  • 4pm-6pm: Spiritual Healing Mass (Misa Espiritual)
  • 6pm-8pm: Traditional Yoruba Healing Circle and Offerings for Babalú Aye led by Chief Babalaow Ifakunle & Orisha Priestess Iya Beverly
  • Evening Buffet Dinner

∴ Feast is open to all!

∴ Please bring (1) Bag of Mixed Beans (Soup Blend)

∴ Please Dress in all White Attire or Purple & Yellow.

∴ Ladies please wear long flowy skirts.

∴ Bring offerings of choice, Gin, loaf of Bread, Florida Water, Flowers or any offering of choice for Babalú Aye.

∴ Personal Petitions


Sano Acupuncture Wellness Center

952 Southern Blvd

Suite 202,

The Bronx, NY 10459

 Donation Scale: $17-$117

 Saturday, December 17, 2022 from 4pm-8pm EST