9 Day Ancestor Elevation

9 Day Ancestor Elevation

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An Ancestor Elevation ritual is a spiritual practice that spans three or nine days. It is designed to increase awareness and understanding of inherited inter-generational trauma that may be affecting your family's lineage. This powerful ritual involves nine days of prayer, which helps elevate the souls of your bloodline from the physical plane to the ancestral and elevated planes of existence. The number nine represents the ancestor realm and the concept of completion of a cycle, which is associated with the realm of the afterworld.

One of the key benefits of an ancestor elevation ritual is the opportunity it provides to acknowledge and process ancestral trauma. Many of us carry the wounds and pain of our ancestors, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. By engaging in this ritual, we can begin to understand the ways in which our family's history has shaped our present-day experiences and behaviors. We can also begin the process of healing these wounds and breaking free from patterns of trauma that may have been passed down through generations.

Overall, an ancestor elevation ritual is a powerful way to honor and connect with our ancestors, while also gaining insight and healing for ourselves and our family. Whether you are new to spiritual practices or have been practicing for years, this ritual can be a meaningful and transformative experience.

Purchase Includes:

  •  PDF E-Book Download Guide
  • Recording of Informational Webinar 
  • 9 Day Elevation Prayer PDF Book 
  • Shared Folder of all reading materials and sources

1:1 Consultation consists of 1 hour spiritual reading and Q&A about the process. We will arrange the date and time that works best for you. 

All downloadable materials will be accessible upon purchase. 

Your purchase is for on demand access, you can begin your Elevation offering any time you choose.