9 Day Ancestor Elevation | Spring 2023

9 Day Ancestor Elevation | Spring 2023

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An Ancestor Elevation ritual is a 3 or 9-day ritual to help bring awareness and understanding of inherited inter-generational trauma that may be weighing down the family ’s lineage from a spiritual perspective. A elevation ritual consists of 9 days of prayers which helps to “ elevate” the souls from your bloodline from the physical plane to the ancestral realms and other elevated planes of existence.

9 is the number of the ancestor realm and associated with the Dead which represents completion of a cycle.

Purchase Includes:

  • PDF Download Guide
  • Zoom Link to Live informational webinar
  • Zoom Link to 9 Day Elevation Ceremony (Live Only) 
The elevation Dates are as follows:

Day 1: 3/23/23 9pm-10pm
Day 2: 3/24/23 9pm-10pm
Day 3: 3/25/23 9pm-10pm
Day 4: 3/26/23 9pm-10pm
Day 5: 3/27/23 9pm-10pm
Day 6: 3/28/23 9pm-10pm
Day 7: 3/29/23 9pm-10pm
Day 8: 3/30/23 9pm-10pm
Day 9: 3/31/23 9pm-10pm