8/8 Portal Goddess Devotional: A Journey Through the Prisms of Light

8/8 Portal Goddess Devotional: A Journey Through the Prisms of Light

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Join Priestess Jessica for an 8-day immersive webinar designed to deepen your connection with Goddess Tara, the embodiment of compassion, wisdom, and protection in Tibetan Buddhism.

Each day will focus on a different aspect of Tara, exploring her various forms, colors, and attributes through guided meditations, mantra chanting, lectures, and interactive activities.

This devotional journey is designed to guide you through the various aspects of Goddess Tara, each represented by a different color of light. Over eight days, you will explore the unique qualities and attributes of each form of Tara, engaging in meditation, mantra chanting, reflection, and creative expression. This devotional practice aims to deepen your connection with Tara and help you embody her divine energies in your life.

  • Zoom Webinar Link available at checkout
  • Daily Session Hours: 8pm EST to 9:30pm EST 

Day 1: Introduction to Goddess Tara

Day 2: Green Tara - Compassion and Healing

Day 3: White Tara - Purity and Longevity

Day 4: Red Tara - Power and Passion

Day 5: Yellow Tara - Abundance and Prosperity

Day 6: Blue Tara - Transmutation and Healing

Day 7: Black Tara - Protection and Power

Day 8: Rainbow Tara - Integration and Reflection

Optional Materials:

  • Journal and pen for reflections
  • Space for meditation and mantras 
  • Candles, flowers, and other ritual items
  • Head Coverings, shawls or outfits pertaining to the day's color.

Benefits of the Webinar:

  • Deepen your connection with Goddess Tara and her various forms.
  • Gain practical tools for invoking Tara’s energy in daily life.
  • Experience personal transformation through meditation, mantra chanting, and ritual practices.