The act of pouring water and alcohol to the earth is as ancient as humans have been conscious of the realms beyond. It is an act of honor and becoming one with the Earth and elements.

Water is a conduit to portals and transporter and collector of infinite information.

Working with water:

No matter what phase the moon is in, you can still collect "cosmic water" on any day and for any circumstance. Simply leave it out your window sill, balcony, front porch or any place you can leave your jar out and dedicate it to the sky. Feed it with your energy of intention by giving it attention, practicing visualizations and declaring affirmations.
  • Just like the Moon, the stars also go through phases.  Capture cosmic light and pour it over you.
  • People will see your glow from within. You'll attract the higher knowledge all around you. 
  • I Collect cosmic water as a base for most of my herbal and ritual baths/Aura rinses.
  • I also collect cosmic and moon water to cleanse my car.
  • Mop your house with cosmic water.
  • I sprinkle my altars and sacred objects with this water. 
  • I pour libations for my guides, ancestors, spirits before I leave my house each morning.  
Like the cosmos, like you, the possibilities are endless.
Create some magic, create your reality.
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