How to Use Flowers & Herbs for Magical and Ritual Purposes




Ways to use our Herbs 

∴  Place herb in a mesh or sheer sachet bag and use in bathwater or hang over shower for aroma + hydrotherapy
benefits & allow the steam to diffuse the properties.

∴  A Sachet can be placed in closets, dresser drawer and car compartments for its magical and aromatic properties.

∴  Add to an aroma lamp or potpourri warmer ( candle or electric ) with some water or natural oil. Example: Jojoba Oil

∴  Use it for Magick / Spells / Ritual in any way 

∴  “Dress” candle by sprinkling herb to any candle to enhance any ritual

∴  Use dried herb on  Hot Charcoal Disk, and burn the dried herbs to cleanse & purify your space

∴  Put a sachet under your pillow or by your bed to ward off negative energy & nightmares.

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Basil Aura Bath Tutorial 




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