The Workings of Spiritual Baths


It is common for individuals to question whether they should have a practitioner make a spiritual bath for them or do it themselves. While it is possible to make a spiritual bath on your own and incorporate it into your spiritual routine, it is vital to understand the significance of having a experienced practitioner to help you when dealing with particular situations and the energetic forces that surround them.

Banishing baths for example are used to remove entity attachments from your aura. Entity attachments can have a negative impact on your energy and well-being. These attachments can come from various sources such as your environment, past traumas, negative thought patterns, or even other people's negative energy. Banishing baths are a great way to cleanse your aura and remove any unwanted attachments.
So when does the assistance of a practitioner comes in? Typically spiritual baths are done to reinforce our energy fields and psychic boundaries from energy vampires. But what happens if this siphoning and depletion of energy comes from within? This is when differentiating between energy vampires and parasites is important to determine the type of assistance you may need. 


While both energy vampires and parasites drain energy from people, they differ in their sources. Energy vampires draw energy from external sources such as their environment or the people around them, while parasitic vampires drain energy from within.  

Parasitic energy attachments are particularly interesting because these are self inflicted attacks, self sabotage being one instance. When we talk about parasitic energy attachments, we are referring to the negative energies that we can attract to ourselves through our own thoughts, emotions, and actions.

Self sabotage is one example of how we can unwittingly invite these energies into our lives. When we engage in self sabotage, we are essentially blocking our own blessings and path to success and fulfillment. This can manifest in many different ways, such as procrastination, negative self-talk, depression and engaging in harmful reckless behaviors.


Parasitic vampirism is a unique phenomenon that occurs when an individual feeds off their own energy, leading to a draining effect on their mental and emotional well-being. Unlike traditional psychic vampirism that involves an individual feeding off another's energy, parasitic vampirism is self-inflicted. This condition often stems from negative self-talk and low self-esteem, causing the individual to engage in self-criticism and self-sabotaging behaviors that drain their own energy, leaving them feeling depleted.


Breaking the cycle of parasitic vampirism requires recognizing these behaviors and working towards developing self-love and acceptance. 


These actions create a entity that we ID(ENTITY) OR IDENITFY with by way of our actions and perceived character. These types of energies can linger and attach itself to us, making it harder to break out of the cycle of self sabotage. It's important to recognize these patterns and behaviors to take steps to address them, whether through therapy, self-reflection, or other means of personal development and self mastery. By doing so, we can release these parasitic energy attachments and move towards a more positive and fulfilling life.

 One of the benefits of having a experienced practitioner create a spiritual bath for you is that they can bring a different level of energy, life force, Ase to your energy field and a neutral intention to help shift your perspective and experience your own healing

. If you're feeling particularly blocked or stagnant, having someone else perform the bath can help to break up any negative energy that may be lingering. Additionally, working with someone who is experienced in spiritual practices can provide a sense of  support that can be difficult to achieve on your own if your not self empowered.



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